You Should Be Concerned If You Feel This During The Night!

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According to statistics, at least 5 million people in USA only suffer from restless leg syndrome (RLS), regardless of whether it has a moderate or severe form.

This means that 1 in 10 adults deals with this health problem and more than one million school-age children suffer from restless leg syndrome (RLS).

Some of the usual symptoms include itching, pain, unpleasant feeling and urge to shake the feet. The symptoms are more expressed at night time.

Usually, the symptoms are more experiences during the night. Although this is not a serious health issue, still it can influence on your everyday actions and lifestyle.


The restless leg syndrome is manifested as primary and secondary type. The primary type implies hereditary characteristics and originates from the brain, while the secondary form is a result of health problems such as degenerative spine conditions, renal problems, anemia, pregnancy, peripheral neuropathy etc.

Sometimes RLS is a consequence of medicines such as antipsychotics and antidepressants, however it is also a result of exaggerated coffee, alcohol and nicotine consumption. This is checked by means of laboratory tests, analyses, and appropriate imaging if necessary.

Then medications are administered according to the obtained results. The therapy may include minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients, tranquilizers, and analgesics. Sometimes physical exercise is recommended as well.

How can you relieve the symptoms?

The doctors suggest waking up at the same time every day. Furthermore, you should stretch before you sleep. Just sit with the legs well stretched out and slowly bend down towards the feet as much as you can. Yoga practice is recommended, as well as some breathing and relaxation exercises. Do not drink coffee and green tea or black tea. These teas affect your blood pressure and your sleep during the night.

RLS could also be a sign of insufficient iron in the organism, and if this is determined as the reason, you should consume more products that are rich in iron, such as red meat and legumes.

Tea recipe for restless leg sydrome
Required components: a pinch of crushed fruit hip, a pinch of chamomile flowers, 2 glasses of boiled water, some lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.


Dip the chamomile and rosehip leaves with boiling water. Leave the mixture for several minutes and then add some honey and lemon juice. Drink the tea several times during the day and drink a cup before you go to bed.


A very effective therapy for RLS is a mixture made of 3 drops of almond oil, 5 drops of basil and 5 drops of marjoram. Use the mixture to massage your feet before you sleep.


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