Wrapped Ginger – Treats Bad Cough And Removes Mucus From The Lungs In Just One Night

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Usually coughs and colds do not impose some serious threats, however they can be particularly unpleasant and make you feel uncomfortable, particularly if your job position is related to frequent or constant communication with people. It could be disturbing for the people that normally surround you as well.

There are many natural remedies to treat colds and coughs, however if this happens during the night, you must do something. And if your child gets a cold or a cough just as the night started, you immediately feel that you must do something to help the child.

Wrapped Ginger – Treats Bad Cough And Removes Mucus From The Lungs In Just One Night

Cough syrups do help however what they actually do is they stop the signals from the brain to cause coughing. And they contain harmful substances that are not really necessary to your child, such as codeine and dextromethorphan. In addition to the positive effect, cough syrups, as all other medications, have side effects, such as headache, accelerated heartbeat etc.

Instead, you can use a natural remedy. We recommend the powerful and helpful honey ginger wraps.

Honey is something you should always have in your kitchen. It is used in cosmetics, medicines, skin treatments and for other purposes. It is particularly helpful for colds and coughs.

Our suggestion in this article is that you prepare honey ginger wraps to relieve your cold and cough. A lot of time is not required and it is very simple for preparation. You can use fin foil for these wraps. Most of the ingredients you will need are usually present in your kitchen stocks. You will need the following:

Honey, Coconut Oil, Napkin, Gauze, Flour And Bandage.

Please follow the instructions:

  • Mix some flour and honey so that you can obtain a pasty mass. Add some coconut oil, fresh ginger juice and once again roll the mixture in flour.
  • Put the obtained mixture onto a napkin and use gauze to wrap it. Put this wrapped content on chest or back and you can tie it with a bandage or use some elastic bent. Then you can sleep with no worries.

It you want to help your child and relieve the symptoms, make sure you put the mixture on the child’s chest few hours before he/she goes to bed. Make sure the mixture does not stay on your child’s chest for too long. And do not be surprised that it may cause excessive sweating.

Rachel Lim from Singapore is a courageous mother who applied this treatment on her child. She conveyed this principle and its good results on Facebook. She used tin foil. She explained how this method helped her baby and mitigated the symptoms such as the cough and the nasal blockage.

Ginger is also a famous remedy used in numerous recipes for coughs and sore throat and relieves chest congestion.

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