Try This Calorie Shifting Diet

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Calorie shifting diets are popular nowadays since they are recommended by people who have tried it.

This diet helps you to lose weight and is easier to maintain, compared to a starvation diet. This diet is easier to maintain because other diets require you to eat less, count calories and buy ingredients that are hard to find in your local grocery stores.

But with the calorie shifting diet you get to eat more than three meals a day. With this kind of diet, you would not have to stop dieting, as it can be adapted to your daily lifestyle. Many other diets are impossible to maintain for a longer period of time and once you stop the diet your weight will increase once again.


Metabolism plays a huge role in diets that don’t work. In layman terms, people gain weight because they have more energy intake than they use.

This excess unused energy gets stored in the body as fat. When people start starvation diet their body remembers the times of starvation and it will store more energy in the body just in case starvation occurs again. With the calorie shifting diet, you manipulate your metabolism so that it consumes your fats and does not store them.

The calorie shifting diet manipulates your metabolism, so it is prevented from getting comfortable with your daily routine.

This simply means that instead of consuming the same type of food and taking in the same quantity of calories every day, you could shock your metabolism with 1,300 calories for 6 days and then consume 2,600 calories the seventh day.

There are similar methods, such as consuming calories in ascending order, for example, start from 1,200 calories the first day and then increase them by 200 every other day to around 2,000 calories. When you reach 2,000 calories per day, go back down again to 1,200 calories.

Also, you can use low carbohydrates plan, whereby you vary your carbohydrates intake few times a month.

The carbohydrates to proteins intake ratio should not be too low, as the reasons behind the success of low carbohydrates diet lie in the fact that the body goes into ketosis. In the ketosis state, the body burns fats, which helps you to lose weight. By going through trial and error you will find the best ratio of protein and carbohydrate for you to lose weight.

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