The information that attracted world attention: cure cancer in only 3 minutes

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Gregg Braden is a US author who is known for his revelations in the field of cancer and its treatment. He claims that our DNA is largely affected by what we feel and think, and a positive thought or prayer can help us eliminate any health problem.

Cancer Cells

Gregg Braden considers that a field exists, which connects all the things in our world, which is explained in more detail in “Nature” n. 332, a famous science journal in 1996.

Control over thoughts and emotions

Braden considers that what we feel and think is manifested in a form of an electromagnetic field, which is spread about 1 meter from our body. Nikola Tesla’s extraordinary statement that a day will come when people will generate energy through their thoughts supports Braden’s theory of strong, focused thoughts.

He considers that collective thoughts have the power to make an extremely strong electromagnetic field and influence on the surrounding.

The appropriate development of this method results in ability to treat diseases, and this was shown in a video tape where cancer with a size of about 1 inch was cured in only 3 minutes. The whole procedure was monitored and observed on a screen through ultrasound imaging.

The initial step is to establish control of what you feel. This facilitates the creation of strong electromagnetic radiation.

DNA is modified by emotions

What we feel reflects our surrounding and our environment and vice versa, what we feel is reflected, and radiated in a sort of way, into the surrounding.

This theory rests on the realization that our sensations, emotions and thoughts are the ones that control everything, and our life in general.

If you think of some future positive event, a personal achievement, a good healthy life, high salary, a travel to your favorite destination, the mirror may suggest that this is not going to happen.

However, when it comes to changes in the present, these thoughts affect our emotions and considerations and according to psycho-oncology they influence on our health condition and life in general. This is explained in many studies and the appropriate application of the technique promises incredible results.

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