Taking A Nap Is Healthy, And This Is How Long You Should Nap For The Greatest Results

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Some of us have the habit to take a nap after work. This indeed is a good thing and it is recommendable however as long as it lasts up to 30 minutes.

Otherwise, if the nap is longer, the body goes into a condition of deep sleep and it is very difficult to leave this condition.

This Is How Long You Should Nap For The Greatest Results

Useful effects of napping:

A nap is a perfect time for the brain to refresh and start to function all over again. The brain gets tired during the day while it performs numerous functions and processes and for this reason it needs to calm and rest for a while.

A nap as short as 10 or 20 minutes will provide more preparedness and freshness of the brain, it will increase its ability to react, to process information and to think. So take a short nap and then continue with the planned activities, you will notice how effective a short nap can actually be.

Sometime several short naps are also recommendable if you feel that your body, your organism or your brain needs that. Usually this happens in a period when you are exhausted, work a lot or you have a job that requires good mental preparation and concentration.

However short naps are not sufficient for normal functioning of the brain, so between short naps, a long one is necessary.

Also a nap for about one hour will provide you more concentration, and a nap of approximately 90 minutes is considered a memory nap because it supports the process of creative thinking, which is essential in many activities and professions.

You don’t have to lie down completely, it is enough to have a slightly straightened position of the body, so that you don’t go into deep sleep.

However dreaming during a nap is an indicator of a lack of sleep, so if you do start dreaming, go to bed and have more rest.

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