Salt, Pepper and Lemon Can Solve These 9 Problems Better Than Any Medicine

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Salt, pepper and lemon are much more than components in your salad. This strong combination is effective for many health problems. This mixture is also known in traditional medicine, and unlike medications, it is completely natural.

Salt, Pepper and Lemon Can Solve These 9 Problems Better Than Any Medicine

Below we indicate several suggestions how to face with some health conditions by using salt, pepper and lemon.

  • Sore throat

Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of salt with a good quality and half a teaspoon of black pepper. Put the mixed ingredients in a glass of water and use the mixture several times a day by gargling it in order to treat sore through.

  • Stuffy nose

Mix equal amounts of cinnamon, cumin, black pepper and cardamom and make them in a form of powder. Inhale the smell of the obtained powder. This will make you sneeze and it will help you with your stuffy nose.

  • Gallstones

Gallstones are accumulated fluids in solid form. They cause a blockage of the digestive movement resulting in strong pain. Gallstones are normally removed with a surgery. However, here we recommend one natural remedy that can help you with this problem. Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and black pepper and add olive oil in a quantity triple than each of these ingredients. The consumption of this mixture can help you dissolve gallstones.

  • Canker sores

Mix a tablespoon of Himalayan salt in a glass of hot water. Wash your oral cavity with this mixture after you consume food in order to treat the mucus and to destroy the harmful bacteria.

  • Weight loss

Take a glass of water and put a pinch of black pepper, two tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey. This remedy will help the overall functioning of the organism because of its beneficial properties – it helps you burn fat and lose weight.

  • Nausea

Make a mixture of lemon juice and black pepper, 1 tablespoon of each component. Add this compound in a glass of water and slowly consume this drink until you feel recovered. Black pepper helps for an upset stomach while the nice smell of lemons mitigates nausea.

  • Toothache

Make a mixture of black pepper and clove oil, by using ½ teaspoon of each. This is a perfect natural remedy for a toothache. Use it as a paste to brush your teeth twice a day. Avoid consumption of food that increases acidity and that contains a lot of sugar.

  • Cold and flu

Make some lemonade, however dilute it in water. A large glass of warm water and one lemon can make wonders when it comes to colds and flu. You can also leave the peel and the pulp of the lemon in the water for additional 10 minutes, and then remove it. Drink this simple remedy as often as possible, and add some honey if you wish.

  • Nosebleed

Put a small cotton pad soaked with some lemon juice in your nose. Bend your head to prevent blood flow in your larynx. This action will immediately stop your nosebleed.

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