One Of The Worst Foods That Is Massively Consumed Worldwide – Never Eat It!

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Living in an era of a constant rush, with no sufficient time for a proper meal, we often find ourselves in a situation when we have to eat something quickly or in the fast food restaurant on our way.

A common choice of fast food of many people worldwide is a hot dog. What is even worse, hot dogs are not consumed only by adults, rather many children eat hot dogs as well.

And what makes a hot dog so harmful for the organism and the health overall are the ingredients. In addition to meat, hot dogs also contain animal skin, legs, bones, cartilage, and numerous additives that make the hot dog tastier such as monosodium glutamate, salt etc.

The use of emulsifiers and additives varies in different parts of the world, however what is horrible is the very production of monosodium glutamate and carmine flavors, by boiling the shells of small bugs in sodium carbonate and ammonia!

All ingredients are not indicated on labels and for this reason you can never be certain about what exactly you are eating.

Several recent researches confirmed that meat processing is closely related to the emergence of cancer on the organs of the digestive and the urinary system.

The estimations of the American Institute for Cancer Research showed that the consumption of a single hot dog may increase the chances for the occurrence of colorectal cancer by 21%! The following video shows how this extremely dangerous cancer-causing food is being produced:

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