Natural Anxiety Treatments

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The restlessness, tension, constant worrying, insomnia, and poor concentration caused by an anxiety disorder can affect quality of life in numerous and serious ways.  A medical diagnosis may actually rule out other conditions and pinpoint anxiety as the culprit behind physical symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath, weight loss, dizziness, digestion difficulties, or tightness in muscles.

However, contrary to what many people believe, anxiety disorders need not always be treated with psychotropic drugs. A number of natural anxiety treatments are available to those willing to research and apply them, and a combination of these treatments may be the answer to your anxiety problems.

The most basic of these natural anxiety treatments may be as simple as exercise or self-imposed relaxation regimens, which act as crucial coping techniques in a high-stress world.

Natural Anxiety Treatments

Relaxation techniques include simple habits like taking long, warm baths, as well as the practice of progressive muscle relaxation, guided visualization, and breathing control exercises.  Aromatherapy can be practiced separately or added to one of the above techniques to achieve greater anxiety relief.

Holistic essential oils, when inhaled, stimulate the brain’s limbic system and influence the regulation of hormones, blood pressure, and breathing.  A few drops of lavender, jasmine, or sandalwood oil can be added to hot water in order to facilitate inhalation by steam.

Aromatherapy can also be paired with massage therapy, another popular natural anxiety treatment.  Body massage can improve circulation and oxygen flow, lower stress hormone levels, and improve relaxation and sleep.

Dietary supplements and herbal remedies can also be effective in relieving symptoms of anxiety, though it is important to consult with a doctor to determine the safety of any specific treatment.  Passionflower is one herb that has been seen to improve symptoms like insomnia and poor work performance.

California poppy can relieve tension and the herb valerian appears to improve mood in patients with anxiety disorders.  Kava is an herb that has been researched often as a natural anxiety treatment and shown to improve relaxation.

Body massage, relaxation techniques, and herbal supplements are all methods by which to opt for a natural anxiety treatment.  Remember to see a doctor before beginning any treatment on your own, and it is likely that such a treatment will improve your symptoms without the use of prescription drugs.

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