Learn What a Dog Kiss Can Do! You’ll be amazed of the possible consequences!

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Usually dogs are more than pets to many people, people often consider them members of a family and they are treated as such. We love to spend time with our dogs, we love to hug and kiss them and cuddle. However, most of us are not aware of the possible consequences and how this pleasure can affect us. The possible consequences are terrifying.

Dog Lick Your Face

Dogs encounter many harmful bacteria all the time while they walk. Then the harmful bacteria can easily reach some of the family members and this may lead to serious complications. There was an example of such possible consequences in 2013, when a child ended up with TBC from the family dog. Ultimately, the 10 year old child recovered, however the dog had to be put to sleep.

Another potential danger is Porphyromonas gingivalis which may lead to gum diseases and other similar problems in humans, and the dog’s saliva contains this bacterium. What you must remember is to never let a dog lick your wounds.

This article is not any warning and it is not intended to scare you, rather it aims to inform you and advise you about the appropriate behavior and relation with your dog.

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