Learn How This Liquid on Your Socks Can Improve Your Sleep!

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Sleep is one of the basic human needs, which provides energy and freshness to the organism. You should make sure you sleep as much as necessary, because the lack of sleep can have serious consequences, especially if it is continuous and long-term.

However, although many people today often feel exhausted and can’t wait to sleep, there are also people who have a difficulty to fall asleep. The reasons for this are various and insomnia can be a result of restlessness, stress, depression, however it may also be a result of intake of medications for cardiac problems, blood pressure, painkillers etc.


According to some studies, something that affects your ability to fall asleep are you warm hands and feet. If your extremities, which includes your feet, are cold, you would need more time to fall asleep.

So in this article we recommend one way to keep your feet warm during the night because studies confirmed that there is indeed a relation between the dilation of blood vessels in the arms and legs (vasodilation) and the time you need to fall asleep.

Stop sweating during the night

Wearing socks during the night can improve your sleep, and although it is hard to believe, it will prevent the occurrence of hot flashes. You will sweat less as well. Socks normalize the body temperature and they can prevent hot flashes, and in some milder forms of hot flashes, hormone replacement therapy would not be necessary.

Improve Dry Skin

Your feet get dry during the night and this usually happens during winter. So a good way to prevent this is to wear 100% cotton socks. Apply some moisturizer on your feet before you go to bed, this will definitely keep your feet sufficiently hydrated during the night, however to cotton socks will enable the skin to breathe.

That is why it is important to use cotton socks. A good thing to do would be to put some apple cider vinegar on the socks in case you are having fever. This will relieve the fever and it will support blood flow and will even improve your immunity. In the morning you will feel refreshed and energized. We hope that you find this advice useful, and if you do, make sure you share it with friends and relatives.


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