Learn how putting a wet towel on the window will help you. Read these 6 amazing recommendations

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Sleeping during summer might be disturbing to some people, especially if you are facing with difficulties caused by heat and anxiety during the night. Read the following six tricks that will make your sleep more pleasant during the warm summer nights.

6 Tricks To sleep In the heat

  1. Use cotton linens

Some fabrics such as satin, silk and polyester are more convenient for cooler nights. The best choice for the hot summer days and nights are light-colored, maybe white linens, made of cotton. Cotton is perfect for good ventilation and airflow.

  1. Use the freezer

Shortly before you go to bed, place your linens in the freezer for only several minutes. Maybe you could use a plastic bag for this purpose. Probably this will not have a long cooling action, however it will protect you from heat and humidity.

  1. Stay traditional

Design your own home-made air-conditioner by putting a shallow pan filled with ice in front of a fan. The released mist will cool the air.

  1. Place wet linens in front of your window

If you decide to leave the window open, you can cool your bedroom by putting a sheet in cold water and then hang the sheet by the bedroom window. This will function as a cooling curtain for the air that enters the bedroom.

  1. Consume cold water during the night

Keep a glass of ice by your bed or maybe a better option would be a cold thermos flask and have some cold water during the night.

  1. Disconnect before you go to bed

Electrical appliances generate extra heat which is not something you need in a hot summer night, so switch them off before you go to bed. The benefit would be saved energy and slightly reduced temperature on the thermometer.

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