Is It A Good Idea To Exercise When You Are Sick?

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Sickness can really put us down by weakening our immune system. We feel tired all the time and can hardly do our daily chores. So, is exercising a good thing to do when someone is sick? Well, it depends on what you are suffering from.

There are some illnesses that may force you to have an adequate bed rest which means that exercising will not be a good idea.


What is recommended in such cases, especially if you are a person who does exercise on a regular basis, is that you first ask your doctor before engaging in any exercise? You should ask if you are still fit for exercise.

When you suffer from diseases like fever and your body is hot, you should avoid exercise because exercise will increase your body temperature, thus causing your heart to work more to pump blood, causing it to be overused.

“If you try to exercise while being sick and you feel that the exercises are causing any kind of a pain in your muscles, it would be better if you took a break from it. However, this does not mean that you should lay down in bed all day.

There are easier exercises that you can do. If you can move, doing exercises like taking walks is not a bad idea if you want to get well first. Staying in bed all day can prevent you from getting all the fresh air you need and also prevent you from getting well faster.

So, having a bit of a fresh air would really help you feel better.”

As mentioned previously, it would be better to consult your doctor. If the doctor approves, you should ask if your disease is contagious or not so that you are able to decide whether you will be doing your workouts in an isolated place like your home, or if it is okay to exercise with other people.

While you exercise, do not forget to listen to your body so that you are aware of when it needs to rest and when is again capable of proceeding. Overdoing exercise can influence on you being sicker than you already are by weakening your immune system.

Having said all of this, you will need to take a few precautions to avoid infections from other diseases since your immune system is weak and prone to get sicker.

  1. Eat various fruits which will fill your body with vitamin C to help improve your system.
  2. Do not forget to rest enough so that your body can regain its energy.
  3. Wash your hands whenever you touch any unclean surface, and of course, after using the toilet.

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