How To Tell If Your Eggs Came From A Sick Chicken (+ How To Find Healthy Eggs)

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Egg recipes are very popular in all parts of the world, and there are so many ways to cook eggs. No matter how you will process them thermally or whether you will mix them with something or not, they are still delicious. Still, what is important is to consume eggs that are laid by healthy chickens.

How To Find Healthy Eggs


A healthy chicken is the one that consumes varieties of foods every day including meat, because meat is also a necessary component in their nutrition. Chicken may even consume bugs, mice and snakes.

In order to transfer the beneficial components of the food they consume to the eggs they lay, chicken should live in a clean environment and they should breathe clean air. Locked chickens in farms and hatches do not get the nutrients they need and for this reason the eggs they lay are of significantly lower quality than the ones of free and healthy chicken.

How can you recognize a healthy egg? These are the basic features that will help you to make a difference between good and bad eggs:

  • Shell density and firmness: Healthy eggs with a good quality do not crack easily, the shell is thicker as a result of the healthy surrounding of the chicken, the rich diet and the clean air.
  • The yolk color: The yolk of a healthy egg should be deep orange, and not yellow. So you can check the egg quality according to the yolk.
  • Thickness of the Yolk: This is another characteristic that makes the healthy organic eggs recognizable. Health and good egg yolks have rounder shape and they are denser.
  • Still, all these characteristics depend on the circumstances of how chicken live and mostly on the food they consume, whether it is yellow corn, alfalfa, variety of grains etc. The increased consumption of beta carotene by chicken increases the amount of this ingredient in eggs. The same applies for omega-3 fatty acids, whose content can be increased with increased DHA levels.


  • Since the human awareness of the importance of healthy and organic food is raised, there is an increasing number of farmers who deal with organic production of food. For this reason there are more options and places where you can find healthy eggs.
  • If you really appreciate your health, and have the conditions, you can keep your own chickens that will provide the best and the healthiest supply of eggs.
  • The best advice to start with is to familiarize with the ways chicken are raised, the food they consume, the conditions they need etc.

Once you start using healthy eggs as a part of your everyday cuisine, you will definitively notice the difference. Even the taste is different, this is something you will surely perceive. So think of your options and provide yourself one of the healthiest and commonly used food products you need in your refrigerator.

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