How Do You Get Motivation To Lose Weight ?!

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Finding motivation to lose weight is not as easy as finding one in the fridge. Motivation is all about sacrifice, motivation is all about YOU. Motivation to lose weight is never easy especially if you lose track of your true reasons for doing it. Where do we get this big M? How?


Our world is not nice after all, there are times it can be very intimidating and horrifying. Sometimes, when you are at a peak of your drive to get it on, there are certain things that the world gives you to pull you down, to lose your track. They are like monsters fighting against you and your motivation and it only depends upon you on how you are going to deal with it.

Your motivation depends on the success your fight against those monsters. Motivation is really the inner driving force that gives you the will to accomplish tasks and succeed in reaching your desired goal. Your motivation levels can vary each day depending on how you feel, how you view certain experiences in your life, how you take the circumstance and how much you believe in your own capabilities.

Reaching weight loss could be the hardest thing that can happen in your life, and for anyone to be eager in reaching the goal, motivation will be the most important part to work at.

Your motivation will give you so much reason to get up, move on and work out even if you do not feel like doing it. Motivation also controls your personal cravings and would help you stick to the low fat selections and healthy diet plans.

The origin of your motivation is depending on some circumstances. You are motivated because you were a victim of a fool crowd calling you any words pertaining to fatness. You are motivated because your family and friends support your goals.

You are motivated because you want to be fit or you want what’s best in you. There are actually a lot of factors why motivation comes into your life. Sometimes, no amount of words can describe it. You just want to SETTLE for the BEST.

Your motivation to lose weight is purely a realm of the mind and it is in reality that weight loss really occurs. As such, it may not be easy to lose weight, but motivations to reach your desired figure are found near you, you may not know it but they are just there.


This kind of motivation is the most important but unfortunately, it is also often neglected. The vanities of people are overwhelming that it allows health to be overlooked and focus only on the aesthetic side of weight loss.

Any person who is overweight is considered unhealthy. When you are obese, you would be advice to lose weight by the health care provider as fats due to weight gain can increase cholesterol level and increase the risk of heart diseases.

When these are well explained to them by their doctor, they can be motivated to lose weight in such a way that they want to get rid of those diseases mentioned.


Once in a while, when you notice that you lose weight after 2 weeks, appreciate your efforts and sacrifices by giving yourself a reward not in a form of food but in a form of relaxation. It can be a form of spa, shopping spree, pedicure, manicure, etc, Giving yourself rewards can keep your positive aura on a highest level and this can help you continue to your fitness goal.

The more you reward yourself for your progress, the more you are highly motivated to do your routine in your diet and exercise.

Be Surrounded With Family and Friends

The best motivation to lose weight is being with your family and friends who continuously support your goals.

All the motivations may be gone but not this type, not your family and friends. They will support you in everything you do like going to the gym and planning a diet. If this is the case, then it will not be too hard for you to reach your ultimate desire which is to lose weight.

Even when you are completely down because you feel like nothing is changing despite your efforts and sacrifices, remember, getting surrounded with your loved ones can be relieving. They will give you a hand to stand again. Treasure them and never fail to thank them! They will always be the best motivators in your life!

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