Goodbye Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Lipids And Triglycerides

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We will begin this article with a short story which is actually true and probably many of us have experienced. The moral of this story is very important.

A student and a teacher had a conversation about some striking and frightening blood test results of a person who was a patient, as the teacher said.

Having learnt everything before and being well familiar with the appropriate values of the blood test, the student was amazed how a person with such serious and extreme results can even live. The levels of cholesterol, blood glucose, lipids, triglycerides and urea were dangerously increased.

Later on, after a month, the professor gave the student new blood test results and at this moment the student saw that both results actually belonged to his professor. It was the professor who was tested. And the most interesting fact was that the new results were excellent and within the recommended values.

This story tells us that even the best professionals who are most familiar with a certain issue and what they should do, can sometimes deviate from the path and make a wrong turn. However, with the appropriate knowledge, experience or advice we can always correct things and we must try not to go astray in the future.

Goodbye Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Lipids And Triglycerides

So when it comes to blood quality and appropriate blood values, it takes a little time if you really wish to change your bad condition. The professor was also advised by his own general practitioner, who suggested a treatment that obviously gave excellent results.

He also mentioned that the treatment should be applied once a year, and if necessary, more frequently.

This is the amazing recipe that completely changed professor’s health:

Purchase fresh pumpkin and take a piece of approximately 100 grams. Blend it with water to make a smoothie. Drink this pumpkin smoothie every day about 20 minutes or half an hour before breakfast. Repeat the procedure every day during a period of one month.

Make sure you check the levels of cholesterol, blood glucose, lipids, triglycerides and urea before you start this simple, natural, and yet incredible treatment.

And make a blood test afterwards, so that you can compare the results.

The good thing about this simple recipe is that it does not have any negative effects because of its simple natural ingredient – pumpkin, and of course, water.

This professor was convinced regarding the healing properties of pumpkin after he examined this fruit. He found that it contains components that destroy bad cholesterol and clean the blood vessels.

So follow the advice. As simple as it seems, it is a life saver.

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