Foods That Provide Energy During Exercise

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Energy is essential in all the things we do. Without it, we can not do much as it acts like a driving force for everything we do. For this reason, energy giving foods are very important for every one of us.

Unfortunately, many people do not know which foods provide energy for their body so they just eat any food as long as it fills their stomach. Anyone who cares about their health should by all means try to find out which foods their bodies need.


Nowadays things are better since we have many online sources that offer such information to the public. If you have not done so, I am going to help you out by mentioning and explaining which energy foods you should take and what they do to your body. Carbohydrates are divided into two parts namely:-

  • Complex Carbohydrates
  • Simple Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates occur naturally in foods like bananas, brown rice and beans while simple carbohydrates occur both naturally and in a refined form in foods such biscuits, honey and chocolate.

When we eat foods containing carbohydrates, the body breaks it down into glucose which is stored in the body in a form of glycogen. During exercise, the glycogen stored is converted into glucose which the body uses as energy. However, this does not mean that you take foods containing carbohydrates in excess in the name of gaining a lot of energy because a lot of it will cause you to gain some weight which is not what you want.

The other type of foods you should take is foods that contain fats. Just like carbohydrates, many do not know how to differentiate between which fats are good and which ones are bad. Others do not even know that there are good fats and bad fats. Fats are divided into two parts namely:-

  • Saturates fats
  • Unsaturated fats

Saturated fats are mostly the bad ones and are found in animal products like meat. Unsaturated are good and have the least amount of starch. Unsaturated fats give the body with energy but only if taken in their right amount. Just because they are said to cause less harm to the body it does not mean that you should take it in excess because too much of something is always poisonous.

Lastly, the type of foods that give you energy during exercise is foods containing proteins. Proteins do this by repairing damaged tissues that have been harmed during a workout. When you have damaged tissues during a previous workout, you energy levels may go down because your body is weak.

Before doing any exercise, you should make sure that you take food containing, at least, some proteins and some carbohydrates in the right amounts so that your body can have enough energy throughout.

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