Flying Cars! Ultimate Fails Compilation, Must Watch This


Mui Rulli Throughout the whole video am like..holy shit !

Damien Bower Dom its like a game of guess where the next car is coming from. Never knew you could get a car to carry such air on the public roads.

Flying Cars! Ultimate Dash Cam Fails Compilation

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Posted by Awesome Cars on Monday, September 11, 2017


Karin Riddle Haley this is why I always tell you to watch out for everyone else driving! Always be alert, anything can happen!

Lynn J. Austin Kenlee watch this and always drive defensively. Keep an eye out for those around you. Never drive “casual”, always be alert and safe.

Cesard Vega You people need to learn how to use the brakes and leave the horn alone. Brake save lives.

Lisa Lee This is the best one yet.
great footage .
it’s hard to believe
people actually drive
this bad !!!

Joevanie Martinez After watching this video
I’ve come to the conclusion that people in Europe can’t drive

Bernard Robinson Funniest thing was the radio in one of the cars, “….,sexy sexy lover…….”