Find Out What Disease is Manifested Through Your Acne

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Doctors and experts know that acne on your body and face denote a possible disease of the person and what is important is for you to learn how to interpret the presence of acne and eventually relate it to some symptoms.


Below we indicate some of the most common diseases related to acne on the bod and the face:

Region 1: Hormones

Region 1 includes the chin and the neck. The presence of acne in this area implies problems with the adrenal gland. Apart from this, stress and too much sweet products also result in acne on the chin and the neck.

Region 2 & 3: High Stress Levels

If you have acne on your shoulders, this implies that you are subjected to too much stress and your immunity has weakened. Try to be calm, to enjoy the moment and cherish life as much as possible.

Region 4: Your Stomach

Acne in the part around the chest is a result of inappropriate nutrition that contains a lot of fat, sugars and unhealthy food. This problem can be avoided by the consumption of organic food.

Region 5 & 6: Vitamin Insufficiency

Acne in part 5 and 6 of the human body are a sign of lack of vitamins. This can be corrected, however the best way to prevent intake of artificial vitamins is to start consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Region 7: Your Blood Sugar

Acne on the stomach is a sign of high sugar levels in a person’s blood. Do not consume a lot of sugars and bread, instead eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Region 8: Personal Hygiene or STDs

Acne in this part of the human body is due to poor hygiene. However, if the presence of acne is accompanied by itching, this could denote a STD. For this reason, you must consult a doctor,


Region 9 & 10: Allergies or Dermal Problems

Inappropriate cosmetics or washing detergents could result in emergence of acne on the upper part of the legs, while acne on the lower part of the legs, around the shinbone is a consequence of shaving or waxing.

Region 11 & 12: Your Digestion or Your Nervous System

Acne in these areas of the human body is a result of too much calories in your diet or a lack of sleep.

Region 13 & 12: Your Digestion

Similar as the back part, acne in this part of the body implies digestive problems and poor diet. Enrich your nutrition and you will no longer deal with acne in this region.

Your skin is important for your overall health and it tells a lot about your habits and lifestyle. Listen to the messages your body sends and interpret its signals.


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