Feng Shui Rule Do Not Store Anything Under The Bed, Except One Thing!

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According to experts, while we sleep or lie, we have an open subconscious mind which needs more energy. For this reason according to Feng Shui it is not suggested to keep anything under the bed. However this applies for everything, but one thing.

The reason why the space under the bed should remain free is to maintain the free energy flow during the night. And if something is put under the bed, it will absorb your energy, which is not good.

Feng Shui Rule

Regularly maintain and clean the space under the bed, and do not leave anything under the bed.

As we mentioned in the beginning, only one exception is allowed. According to Feng Shui, you can keep the so called “treasure box” under the bed. It is a specific tool which can convey individual wishes and plans and it can fulfill them due to our unconscious “ME” which is open.

What should the box look like?

You must have in mind that the box must have a good quality, because the energy vibrations it causes will depend on its quality. The solid lid will provide stronger energy and an open box will allow open flow of energy. Both types are appropriate – however your personal wish and required result is important. In addition, the material that the box is made of, such as wood for example, keeps the energy of active and positive life.

Materials such as silver or gold, with some additional decorations such as stones will give even richer appearance of the box. Materials such as ceramics denote power of care and consideration.

What should the box contain?

The items that the box should contain should have a symbolical relevance according to the things you would like them to represent in life. Different items will have different power according to their meaning and the field of life that you would like to be fulfilled.

If you want material gain and wealth, you should keep things such as jewelry, bills, precious stones in the box.

However you should not keep coins, only gold coins are allowed. If love is what you strive for, then put red candles, essential oils and special perfumes in the box. You will notice the incredible effect of the box. The important thing is to be positioned below your navel.

In this way it will directly provide you the required energy. It is a strong symbolical connection. Check and refresh the box under the bed every three months.

We hope that you will find this Fend Shui advice useful and we suggest that you share it with your friends and family.

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