Fasting To Lose Weight – Successful Method If Appropriately Done

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There are multiple diet plans available on the Internet but none of them has seriously focused on fasting to lose weight. This kind of diet regime can very easily become a part of your own everyday activities.

This fasting is completely different from the religious fasting. It involves fasting for intermittent Twenty-four hours a day, 2-3 times a week. It is also called a short fast diet which is followed in a sequential manner as listed below.


Have regular mealĀ  2 to 4 times in a day, until dinner

No food items should be eaten after dinner

Fast the following day until dinner

For dinner, try to have a regular size meal

The above-mentioned steps constitute the irregular/short fast that involves the intake of calories at regular intervals. This method of fasting to lose weight has changed the old perception of fast, leading to lower metabolism rate. Taking into consideration fasting diet rather than typical diet plans always brings the thought of losing energy and accumulating weakness.

However, it was just a thought and not fact. The fact is that this irregular method can prove beneficial if followed properly.

The metabolism rate is reduced if there is continuous avoidance of high-calorie foods. However, this fasting method involves food at alternate timings rather than avoiding food for weeks. As a result, you can manage this very easily.

All different diets have one thing in common, which is to limit calories in one way or the other. This procedure is difficult to maintain for a longer period.

Additionally, people see it difficult to be abided by this low-calorie diet for weeks. Therefore, fasting to lose weight is proving to be a very simple and easy diet, with duration over a period of weeks, in reducing fat and leading to a healthy diet. The calorie deficit that is created in this diet is good to compensate the intake of the regular meals prescribed in the above sequential order.

Hence, according to my view, fasting to lose weight is cost-free and effective.

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