Drinking Water During Exercise – Why It Is So Important?

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Everybody knows that the highest percentage of our body is made up of water and the water itself is involved in all the functions of the body. Drinking water during exercise helps our body to function well.

When we do not drink water, we become dehydrated, which can be seen through sunken eyes, since in such condition the eyes do not have enough water to produce tears. Drinking less water also causes your skin to dry up, and finally, less water causes you to produce little urine which means that your body is not able to flush out toxins.


Water is essential for other processes, such as breathing, as it helps in moistening the lungs and the breathing is easy. This is precisely why many athletes are told always to drink enough water before running in order to avoid fainting during or after running.

When it comes to exercise, water is essential.

It helps to keep the body hydrated throughout the exercise period since one loses water through sweat. It would even be better if you carried a bottle of water, so you can sip little by little whenever you feel thirsty or dry in your throat during work out.

Water helps you maintain energy through any exercise. Researches have shown that when water levels in our body decrease even by the slightest percentage like 4-5%, our body loses a certain amount of energy, almost 5 times the percentage of the water lost.

Muscle cramps are the common problem of many people who exercise.

This is the case when the body is dehydrated and the muscles become less lubricated, which in turn causes you to become tired fast and also cause your muscles to ache after you have exercised.

To avoid this you need to take a glass or two of water before and after exercise. Taking water helps you to quickly recover after exercise since one gets very tired and you may even lack sleep because of the muscle cramps.

Usually, it is very hard for a person to exercise during hot days because of the heat.

Working out easier during warm days when it is neither too hot nor too cold. But, if you cannot avoid heatless and you want to exercise for longer hours, you need to take as much water as you can. You should carry a bottle of water to keep you hydrated throughout the workout.

If you are from those people who do not like drinking water, you can drink fruit juices, which are good alternatives for water. Just ensure that you still take some pure water at some points.

We hope that this article explained the reasons why drinking water during exercise is so important.

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