Choosing The Apparel That Fits Your Body Shape

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Do you sometimes wonder how some girls and women look extraordinary and still they do not have the body of a model. Well, this is due to their appropriate selection of clothes, or more precisely, the clothes they selected fit their bodies well. In this article we have few suggestions that will help you choose the most appropriate clothes according to your body type.

An apple-shaped body

An apple-shaped body

  • Try not to emphasize your mid-section and waist with the clothes you are wearing. Focus on V-neck dresses and tops, A-line and wrap dresses. Make sure that the top part completely covers the abdominal part and has a length somewhere up to your hips.
  • Wear single-breasted coats, and do not wear huge tops and feminine silhouettes. Layered tops are a great option, as well as tunics.
  • Skinny jeans will just emphasize your upper bulky part, and the same applies for straight pants. Flared colorful pants with pockets on the back side are the best option.
  • Do not wear a belt around your waist, instead put is somewhere below the bust which will make your waist look smaller.

A pear-shaped body

A pear-shaped body

  • If you have a pear-shaped body, you should wear clothes that emphasize your shoulders in order to establish a sort of balance of your appearance. You can wear necklaces, scarves and similar items.
  • The tops and dresses you wear should have a pattern, and again try to emphasize the shoulders with puff sleeves, boat neck and a cap.
  • Try not to wear short skirts, medium long or tight pants and instead wear A-line skirts and colorful trousers or flared pants.
  • However, try to choose clothes with dark colors for the lower parts, and bright and colorful tops.

A rectangular body shape

A rectangular body shape

  • If your body is not very curvy then you can make curves by choosing the appropriate clothes. A belt and a wrap dress is a perfect combination.
  • Wear clothes that point out the shoulders and the upper part of the body and add some more details and accessories that will emphasize the bust line.
  • Wear quality underwear that gives sufficient support for the breast and point out the waist.
  • No matter what you wear, a top, a skirt or a dress, try to make an impression of curvy body or avoid emphasizing the straight, flat parts.

An hourglass shape

An hourglass shape

  • Emphasize your curvy parts. Wear clothes that point out your waistline.
  • Do not wear really loose clothing or baggy pieces. If you emphasize the waist, this would also point out the hips and the bust.
  • Wear underwear that provides good support, and pay special attention to the bra with defined shape and no pads or structure.
  • Wear shirts and tops that emphasize the breasts, and dresses and tops with a V-neck.

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