Are You Familiar With The Origin Of Cinnamon? Watch The Video Below And Reconsider Your Thoughts!

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We believe you belong to the group of cinnamon consumers who really like this spice and add it in so many meals, cookies, recipes, drinks and coffee. You adore its taste, but even more, you can resist its smell.

It gives a new dimension to your nutrition, right?

However, probably you have never heard about its origin? This is something we will explain in this article, but first let us explain what makes this spice so special.

Cinnamon is widely used in nutrition, both in sweet dishes and desserts, but also in meat specialties and soups. Apart from its use in many cuisines worldwide, it is also used in skin care and it is an ingredient in many cosmetic products because it has very beneficial and useful properties when it comes to beauty.

cinnamon superpowers

It is known that cinnamon has healing properties, it supports weight loss and it acts positively on your sleep. The most important thing is that it positively acts on your health in general.

When it comes to the origin of cinnamon, probably you won’t be able to guess its origin. Cinnamon is actually made from bark that is obtained from different types of evergreen trees which are members of the genus Cinnamomum.

The cinnamon producers have to remove the outer bark off the trees, before they get to the inner bark – the one where cinnamon is contained. Then it is being dried and melted into a powder.

The important information here is that you can’t really find true cinnamon.

The Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) leads many people to think that this is real cinnamon, however this is not the case.

Cassia is equally real as Ceylon cinnamon. Approximately 85% of the total quantity of Ceylon cinnamon in the world originates from Sri Lanka. Other countries where this type is produced include Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Burma.

So now you know the origin of cinnamon and the way it is produced. So enjoy consuming it, we believe that after you’ve learned this information, you will appreciate and like cinnamon ever more.

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