8 Crucial Kidney-Failure Symptoms That Most People Ignore!

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The kidneys are vital organisms in the human body because of their blood filtering properties and maintenance of a balanced organism. In addition, kidneys remove the unnecessary liquid and waste materials. They maintain the electrolytes, take care of blood pressure, and create new erythrocytes.

Once the function of kidneys is impaired, a person’s organism is seriously threatened. For this reason, you should become familiar with the possible symptoms that may be an indicator of renal problems.

  1. Swelling

Renal failure implies retention of excess fluids, which leads to swelling in different part of the body, such as the legs, arms and face.

  1. Changed urination

Varying urination needs are one of the first symptoms that suggest an impairment of the kidneys. Impaired urinary elimination and unexplained pressure is a common symptom.

The color and the amount of the urine may also be an indicator, as well as the frequency of urination, particularly if you have an urge to urinate during the night. Deviations from the normal habits of the person can suggest kidney abnormalities. Bloody or foamy urine is also unusual and if you notice such a symptom, make sure you visit and consult a doctor.

  1. Skin rashes

Accumulated waste in the organism may result in skin rashes. The inability of the kidneys to eliminate waste, retains the waste in the blood and for this reason the skin gets dry and itchy. There are cosmetic products to treat the skin, however if the origin of the problem is renal failure, some more serious actions are required.

  1. Tiredness

Renal failure reduces the number of erythrocytes because the kidneys can no longer generate the hormone erythropoietin. As a result, the person feels tired, and this symptoms affects both the muscles and the brain.

  1. Shortness of breath

Everything in our bodies is related and all impairments cause another problem. Hence, due to the reduced number of erythrocytes, the oxygen in the body becomes insufficient and the person feels shortness of breath.

  1. Metallic taste in the mouth

Renal damage is also manifested in the form of bad breath and reduced appetite. If you notice that food tastes differently that what you are used to, this may be an indicator of renal failure.

  1. Pain

Certainly upper back pain is one of the most convincing symptoms when it comes to renal failure. Other renal problems such as renal infections and kidney stones also cause pain, sometimes in the form of spasms.

  1. Lack of concentration and dizziness

The very lack of oxygen that reaches the brain may be a result of renal damage. This furthermore affects the memory and concentration of the person, and the brain function overall.

We recommend consumption of healthy nutrients rich in antioxidants. They will improve the function of the kidneys and enable balance of the organism. The following video suggests some great products that are beneficial for the function of your kidneys.

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