7 Products We Use Every Day That May Cause Cancer

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Probably most of us find their homes the most comfortable and pleasant place, however things changed, and now every single moment of our lives we are exposed to some form of harm. Everything that surrounds us, even in our homes, may have a harmful effect on our health.

This includes products such as cosmetics, rubber, old batteries, rubber and plastic elements etc. All of these products are sources of dangerous substances such as heavy metals, nitrobenzene, methylene chloride, and formaldehyde which have immunosuppressive or cancerous properties, or both.

In this article we present 7 items that are an integral part of everyone’s life, however you should try to avoid them due to their harmful effects on your health.

  • Shampoos

7 Products We Use Every Day That May Cause Cancer Shampoo

There is a vast range of shampoos available today, however most of them are based on toxic components that may be very harmful. For this reason, if possible, make a shampoo by yourself. You will be safer and convinced that it won’t harm you in any way.

  • Candles

7 Products We Use Every Day That May Cause Cancer - Candles

According to a research by the American Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), almost half of the candles being produced, contain wicks with a lead wire in order to strengthen the wicks.

This particularly refers to scented candles. Such a wick may be the source of lead discharge that exceeds the recommendations of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) several times. Think of your children and the air they breathe. Are such candles really necessary?

Even more, the presence of lead impairs your health in many ways, it affects the behavior, the concentration, the hormone balance etc. Still, if you really like candles, choose the ones with cotton wicks.

  • Air fresheners

7 Products We Use Every Day That May Cause Cancer - Air fresheners

Air fresheners are an item that nowadays is being massively used, in homes, offices, public rooms, everywhere. However, no one thinks of the cancerous components and toxins such as phthalate, contained in most air fresheners.

This harmful effect has also been proven by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Their research of 13 air fresheners that are frequently being used showed that some of the components they contain may cause breathing conditions such as asthma, and may affect the prenatal development.

According to a research in 2008 by Anne Steinemann of the University of Washington, it was proven that air-fresheners contain dangerous, toxic and carcinogenic substances. What is even worse, most components were not indicated in the product description.

You should not be disappointed, because there is always a safer and natural way to get the desired effect. Essential oils are a safer solution, use them instead.

  • Insecticides and Pesticides

7 Products We Use Every Day That May Cause Cancer -Insecticides and Pesticides

Sometimes even the smell of a product helps you to immediately realize its harmful effects. Such are the insecticides and pesticides, which contain substances that can definitively lead to cancer, such as permethrin and carbamates. So avoid their use, or at least try to be the least exposed as possible.

  • Shower curtains

7 Products We Use Every Day That May Cause Cancer -Shower curtains

You probably never thought that plastic shower curtains can actually affect your health. However, they can due to the toxic substances they release. These volatile organic chemicals are spread through the air and the environment and they are bad for your health.

  • Art supplies

7 Products We Use Every Day That May Cause Cancer - Art supplies

Many products being used in art contain strong chemicals with serious negative effects. Such products include paints, glues, solvents etc. and they may cause skin problems, allergic reactions, headaches, and long-term use may even have cancerous consequences.

The effects of toxins contained in art products are stronger when it comes to children, because of their weaker immunity. For this reason, make efforts to supply so called “green products” that do not contain toxins in order to protect the health of your children.

  • Antiperspirants

7 Products We Use Every Day That May Cause Cancer -Antiperspirants

Most cosmetics, including perfumes, antiperspirants and deodorants contain toxic substances that may lead to cancer. The retention of such products on our skin for many hours is harmful. Instead, you can use part of your time for your own benefit, and prepare some home-made deodorants.

We hope that the advice regarding the indicated products will improve the quality of your life and you will protect yourself and your family. The least we can do is prevent cancer and other diseases before it gets too late.

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